Free Courses on Renewable Energy

THE GALILEO PROJECT – The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) has won European funding to train individuals and professionals in renewable energy, allowing them to gain the Galileo Master Certificate. The courses are open to the general public, individuals and companies from all backgrounds. Taught by renowned university lecturers and leading experts with both practical and theoretical expertise, the courses have been running at major universities around the UK and Europe for the past 36 years. The acknowledged quality of the respected Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) has been fundamental in securing the European funding from numerous organisations; including collaborations with universities and Centro Studi Galileo. The GMC has been recognised as a highly effective way in which to provide individuals with those skills for which the renewable energy industry is showing high demand.

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The purpose of the funding is to develop expertise in renewable energy throughout 2011 and 2012. As part of the funding, participants attending one of the expert Pathways (which include a minimum of 3 courses) will receive all their training for free – as part of the Galileo Project to help develop the renewable energy workforce. Alternatively, prospective participants who wish to attend just one course at Edinburgh Napier University will receive a 50% discount per course. Major contacts with leading institutions allow the REI to provide cutting-edge renewable energy training programmes, a fact which was central to REI winning the funding which has made these opportunities possible. Courses leading to the Galileo Master Certificate are renowned for creating quality professionals in renewable energy, and the Galileo Master Certificate is one of the foremost internationally recognised certificates for the renewable energy sector. Working with the United Nations Environment Programme, the REI has access to leading researchers, lecturers and universities throughout the UK and worldwide. The REI’s ties give participants the opportunity to be taught by professors and lecturers at prestigious universities including: Imperial College London, Nottingham University, Coventry University, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University and many more. As each course is in high demand, the REI requires applicants to make a deposit when registering. On completion of the pathway, which includes attendance at the three courses highlighted below, the deposit is refunded to the participant. Prospective participants should use the funding code “EUfunding1” when registering/applying. For information contact Lindsey by email or call 0131 4469 479

Expert Pathways

To book a space on those Pathways please contact the Renewable Energy Institute