Five reasons to study with the Renewable Energy Institute

To tackle climate change it is key that we end the reliance on energy generated using fossil fuels, presently the main contributor to the growing crisis. The technology already exists and must be used quickly, on a large scale. By studying a renewable energy course online with the Renewable Energy Institute (REI), you and your organisation can help speed up the positive changes so desperately needed. [1].

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As the renewable energy industry grows, consequently so do the opportunities within it. By studying a renewable energy course with the REI, participants will equip themselves with significantly sought-after skills, opening the door to diverse job outcomes and a future-proof career [2]. Despite obstacles such as Covid-19 and the international energy crisis, which have had devastating effects on other industries, the renewable energy sector has been largely immune. In 2022, the UN announced that the number of people working in the sector had reached 12.7 million worldwide. That is an increase of over 700,000 in one year, “renewable energy jobs remain resilient and have been proven to be a reliable job creation engine” [3].

Below are 5 benefits that any of the REI’s accredited renewable energy training courses will bring to your education and career development.

1. Accredited renewable energy courses

The Renewable Energy Institute is an SQA-accredited professional training centre offering renewable energy training courses and qualifications for people wishing to pursue or elevate a career within the renewable energy sector. All courses are accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service and provide Continuous Professional Development Hours as well as professional education. The theoretical training of how to apply the technologies in a real-world working environment will create an invaluable skill set. Regardless of industry, there is an increasing expectation of the workforce to undertake ongoing professional development throughout their career to keep on top of new developments, learn new skills and ensure qualifications remain current and valid [4]. A renewable energy course with the REI is an empowering step toward career progression.

2. International

The training and qualifications offered by the REI are internationally recognised. Galileo Master Certificates have been awarded to participants in over 150 countries worldwide. The teaching is based on the European Project EMTEU (Energy Management Technician in Europe). This project aims to educate professionals and technicians to allow them to develop the skills they need to be qualified experts in renewable energy.

Each course allows the student to qualify for a Galileo Master Certificate, of which the REI is the exclusive awarding body. This qualification is internationally recognised by many employers and authorities. It is a gateway into the renewable energy profession and acts as evidence of professionally applicable personal skills and knowledge.

By working with the United Nations Environment Program and major universities, the REI has ensured that all courses promote best practices in renewable energy.

3. Learn from the best

At the REI all renewable energy course leaders are experts in their fields. The course content for each topic has been curated by professionals with extensive academic experience to bring both theoretical and technical experience to the subject. Course content is updated regularly to reflect developments in the renewable energy sector. By having course content independently assessed on a continuous basis, the REI ensures that participants will have the tools they need upon completion.

4. Catered to you

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All courses at the Renewable Energy Institute are delivered online via Distance Learning or Live Virtual Classrooms. This method of course provision has many advantages for students. Course leaders can utilise several tools including videos and access to the organisations’ resource centre. This subsequently makes this type of teaching more effective than simply a traditional textbook. When studying one of the renewable energy courses online, participants with different learning styles can approach the content accordingly. The content is accessible at any time, any place therefore participants can learn at their own pace [5].

Live Virtual Classrooms are scheduled regularly throughout the year. These provide live training followed by Q&A sessions to fully explore the course content. These lessons allow participants to network and learn collaboratively from anywhere in the world.

5. Join the network of renewable energy experts

Networking and collaborative development are key to remaining up-to-date in your field. The REI enrols over 5000 participants every year from a variety of backgrounds. Upon completion of a renewable energy course, all participants receive a complimentary year of professional REI Membership.

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The Global Professional Membership Programme provides opportunities for alumni to continue their professional development and gain recognition within the industry. Firstly, the membership provides Full Member (MREI) or Mastership status (dependent on experience) and industry status and recognition of development. Secondly, members benefit from access to the Institute’s monthly membership bulletin with industry expert insights, articles and job opportunities. Thirdly, participants can use their membership logo and personalised certificate to display on their email signature, CV and LinkedIn profile. Lastly, members and past participants can also access private social media groups to share information and network with their peers.

Renewable energy courses are suited to all backgrounds. Previous participants include those from esteemed organisations including NATO, the Ministry of Defence, the United Nations, Solar Power Scotland and many more.


A course with the Renewable Energy Institute will open a world of opportunities. The renewable energy industry continues to grow year after year and the frequent developments in technology create new jobs. Courses with the REI are accredited, flexible, internationally recognised and led by the best in the field. Completing an REI course is not the end of the journey thanks to the Global Professional Membership Programme.

To begin your career in renewable energy, select an accredited course that will advance your career from our course catalogue.