How to become an Industry Expert in Renewable Energy

Expert Learning Pathways help participants become experts in their chosen energy field. Energy Expert Certificates (consisting of 3 courses) were created to help the growth of the renewable energy sector in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

The courses that make up the Expert Certificates are taught by respected university professors and renowned lecturers with years of practical and theoretical expertise.

Successful participants of the Pathways gain the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate and the Expert Certificate for the chosen Pathway, from the Renewable Energy Institute.

On successful completion of their 3 courses, participants are awarded the Expert Certificates for their chosen Pathway.

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Our full range of Expert Certificate Pathways are detailed below. To customise a Pathway or for further information about the Expert Certificates, please contact the Renewable Energy Institute via email: or by calling +44 (0)131 44 69 479. Alternatively, please complete the contact form below.

Pathway to become a..

Hydrogen Energy Consultant Expert

  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Developing Hydrogen Energy Projects
  • Renewable Energy Management & Finance

Renewable Energy Consultant Expert

  • Renewable Energy Management & Finance
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Specialisation Course

Solar Energy Consultant Expert

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Specialisation Course

Energy Efficiency Consultant Expert

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Energy Storage
  • Specialisation Course

Project Management Consultant Expert

  • Project Management
  • Renewable Energy Management and Finance
  • Specialisation Course

Net Zero Consultant Expert

  • Global Energy Transition
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Energy Consultant Expert

  • Biomass
  • Wave & Hydro Power
  • Specialisation Course

Carbon Finance Consultant Expert

  • Carbon Finance
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Renewable Energy Management and Finance

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