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Expert Pathway Courses

The Galileo Project – Expert Learning Pathways
How to become an Industry Expert in Renewables

Learn how to become an Expert Consultant:

International Galileo Project provides learning and qualifications in Renewable Energy

The European Galileo Project was created to help the growth of the renewable energy sector in the UK and Europe.

The Project consists of learning Pathways to help participants become experts in their chosen energy field.

Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance USA Course

Courses, part of the Galileo Project, are taught by respected university professors and renowned lecturers with years of practical and theoretical expertise.

Successful participants of the Pathways gain the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate and the Expert Certificate for the chosen Pathway, by the Galileo Project.

How to Become an Industry Expert:

Your first step to securing your place is selecting a learning Pathway. Each Pathway is focused to help you develop expertise in your chosen field. Options include: Solar Expert, Energy Efficiency, Renewables Consultant, Green Technician and RHI expert for the Renewable Energy Sector.

More details of the individual Pathways are detailed below, where prospective participants will also find details of how to register and take advantage of the available places.

Alternatively, all of the courses featured in the Pathways can be studied as stand-alone modules.

Register on a Pathway

To register on a Pathway or for further information about the Galileo Project and training, contact the REI by email: or by calling +44 (0)131 4469 479. Alternatively please complete the reservation form below.

You can also customize any of our pathways with the courses detailed below.

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Pathway to

become a
Hydrogen Energy Expert

Pathway to

become a
Renewable Energy Consultant

Pathway to

become a
Low Carbon

Pathway to

become a
Solar Energy Expert

Pathway to

become a
Green Energy Expert

Hydrogen Energy Renewable Energy Management & Finance Electric Vehicles Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy Management & Finance Renewable Energy Solutions Hydrogen Energy Solar Water Heating Wind Power
Solar Photovoltaic OR Electric Vehicles Wind Power OR Solar Photovoltaic Solar Photovoltaic OR Wind Power Electrics for Renewables Energy Storage OR Solar Photovoltaic
More courses can be chosen from our Training page More courses can be chosen from our Training page More courses can be chosen from our Training page More courses can be chosen from our Training page More courses can be chosen from our Training page

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For more information on how to achieve the highest accolade of Master in Renewable Energy Award, click here

Participants are awarded the Expert Certificate on successful completion of 3 GMC exams

*As places are in high demand, participants of the Pathway are required to book as soon as possible

    Galileo Master Certificate

    Qualifications & GMC

    Achieve the GMC

    Over 5000 participants each year attend over 300 professional training courses at 21 universities worldwide.

    Renewable Energy Training
    in 150 countries

    International Participants from 143 countries worldwide

    Participants include major authorities and organisations, such as the United Nations, Coca Cola, Siemens and Ford Motor Company.

    Master in Renewable Energy Award

    Master in Renewable Energy Award

    The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award (18 month global study programme) is available to study in the classroom, or at home, from the office and on-the-go.

    The Institute shares results of independent research on Global Energy Awareness ahead of COP26