European Project EMTEU – Energy Management Technician in Europe

The Renewable Energy Institute’s technical expert Marco Buoni, participates, as a representative of ATF, in the EMTEU European Project, Energy Management Technician in Europe. The training on Renewable Energy offered by the Renewable Energy Institute is designed on the EMTEU project and aims to create highly skilled and quality Energy technicians in Europe, please see below the beneficiaries and the objectives.

The protection of the environment, global heating, energy saving and the use of alternative energies are issues that worry both the UK and Europe. One of the European Union’s priorities is the application of guidelines and legislation geared towards using all resources to reduce energy spending and to improve the application of renewable energies. The objectives addressed by the project are to provide qualified technicians in the management of energy, their training and the certification of efficient installations.


To design European training for skilled technicians in:

  • The development of energy-saving plans.
  • The management of the efficient use of energy and water.
  • Collaboration in the process of energy certification of buildings.
  • The promotion of renewable energy facilities.
  • The optimisation of human resources, complying with the applicable regulations and safety conditions.
Renewable Energy Institute - Sustainable Energy Projects in Europe


  • Companies: taking advantage of expert technicians in the sector.
  • Professionals: updating their knowledge in renewable energy, assessing and taking all of the technologies involved into account.
  • Educational administrations: didactic material that will make it possible to promote and update educational systems in start-off training and retraining.
  • Social partners: accessing training that permits the application of this technology.
  • Society: getting people involved in the protection of the environment and sustainability.
  • Training centres: implementing sector training programmes.

European Project QualiCert

Marco Buoni secretary of the Association of Refrigeration Technicians (It), director of Centro Studi Galileo, vice-president of the European Association AREA and a director of REI, is part of the High Level Steering Group (HLSG) for the QualiCert European Project.

QualiCert stands for “Common quality certification and accreditation for installers of smallscale renewable energy systems” and launched in July 2009. In the initial 30-month-period, it developed a common approach to accreditation and certification of installers of small-scale RE systems for 5 EU Members States (i.e. Austria, France, Greece, Italy and Poland).

In line with an obligation for all Member States, arising from article 14 of the Directive on the promotion of the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) (28/2009/EC) to develop certification schemes or equivalent qualification schemes for installers of small-scale renewable energy installations, QualiCert proposes a concerted action among different Member States regarding certification and accreditation of installers of small-scale building-integrated renewable energy systems. The project precisely addresses the RES Directive’s requirement of certification schemes or equivalent qualification schemes in each Member State that obey to a set of similar criteria and recognise each other’s certification.

To guarantee broadest possible support to the future accreditation and certification scheme, QualiCert.. [read more]