European Centre of Technology to run Project Management Training course

Renewable Energy Institute’s (REI) sister organisation, the European Centre of Technology (ECT), to run Project Management Training Course in Edinburgh

Course to run again following high praise from European Heat Pump Association, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ernst and Young.

Project Management course studies

Following the unparalleled success of the Project Management course in London earlier this year, the European Centre of Technology (ECT) will next hold the same course at the University of London in 2018. The ECT is a leading provider of cutting edge training for successful modern Project Management, and this course ensures that participants are equipped and confident in applying skills, methods and processes as effectively as possible to their professional ventures. Effective Project Management is an indispensable skill for ambitious professionals across all sectors, including the renewable energy and related industries. Confident and results driven Project Managers are in high demand for a field growing as quickly as renewables, and individuals who can successfully foster Project Management skills will give themselves the professional edge. The ECT’s most recent Project Management course hosted participants from diverse industries, including Technology, Manufacturing and Professional Services, to name but a few. The European Heat Pump Association, which was represented by attendee Vincenzo Belletti, commented that the ECT course “was perfect for professional growth.” Belletti also praised the breadth of the course content, and it’s applicability to real-life work situations: “I gained a complete overview of how to face and understand the various scenarios of Project Management, and I will use these skills and concepts for my next project”.

Successful course participants

Media Khalel, attending from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Air-Conditioning Europe Ltd, valued the interaction the course provided, as well as the versatility of the content: “I liked that we were able to engage in conversation and exchange ideas on the course.” The relevance of the course to a wide spectrum of occupations was also noted, and Khalel pointed out that “the course material could be applied to many different professions.” Representation also came from Professional services giant and “Big 4” member EY, who very recently published their annual Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. Participant Charline Herm complimented the course for its focus on process and continuous evaluation – “I gained a clearer understanding of what items have to be considered before, during, and after the project”. The range of industries represented on ECT Project Management Courses gives participants the opportunity to network and interact with professionals from a broad portfolio of companies, organisations and associations. The ECT combines its 40 years of vocational training expertise with the academic research excellence of its global network of university partners. This approach ensures that individuals are not offered just a standard professional training course, but rather an exceptional learning opportunity which delivers real results through the most progressive methodology available. This course takes place at Universities across the UK, whose reputation attracts the best academics and students from around the world, and is taught by an expert university lecturer with extensive hands-on career experience as a Project Management Professional.

The ECT’s Project Management course is suitable for anyone looking to improve or update their capability in this increasingly sought after set of skills, and will benefit Renewable Energy professionals looking to move in to the Project Management area. The course is open to beginners as well as more experienced individuals, since it starts from an introductory level and progresses on to more advanced material over the two days. At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to sit the exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate which is achieved by more than 5000 participants each year from 149 countries worldwide. If you would like more information on this course, please email Find out more information on how to book the Project Management course here: