A collaboration between the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) and the Renewable Energy Institute (REI)

Scottish SMEs can benefit from Business and Educational Opportunities, thanks to the ETP – REI collaboration

Knowledge Exchange Network

ETP has received funding to provide SMEs based in Scotland with excellent opportunities to access technical advice and business support free of charge.

There is no cost to companies that wish to work with Technology Transfer and Business Development Managers who will provide:

  • Technical advice and support to help evaluate concepts and address gaps in expertise
  • Access to academic expertise of the highest standard for guidance and support
  • Assistance with identifying sources of funding for feasibility and development work
  • Support in the development of joint industry and other collaborative projects
  • Identification of suitable test and demonstration facilities

Studentship Programme

ETP’s Studentship Programme was launched in 2010 and has since awarded funding for 42 new PhDs. A further 20 were available for 2012 and beyond.

Participation in the programme will provide you with a cost-effective means of supporting high quality, applied R&D that is directly relevant to the specific development challenges of your company.

50% Discount for Energy Skills Training

ETP are working to increase energy skills provision in the renewables sector by providing funding to make access to training in renewable energy technologies easier and more attractive. These discounts are aimed primarily towards Scottish SMEs.

For more information visit the ETP website.

More About the Energy Technology Partnership

ETP is an alliance of 12 independent Scottish Universities, engaged in world class related energy Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D).

ETP is the largest power and energy research partnership in Europe and promotes greater levels of collaboration between universities and industry to deliver unparalleled energy RD&D capability across a spectrum of energy technologies.

The Renewable Energy Institute

The Renewable Energy Institute works with a wide range of organisations and individuals from around the world. Taking part in conferences, publications and training seminars, the REI aims to develop a more a skilled workface for a sustainable future.