Energy Storage for Net Zero Carbon Councils

Introducing the Decade of Renewable Energy, councils around the UK and worldwide have announced a climate emergency, setting up targets for reducing emissions to zero. Energy Storage is becoming an increasingly important part of councils’ strategies as a way of maintaining consistency in energy supply in an economical and efficient way.

The REI regularly provides bespoke training in Renewable Energy and Project Management – most recently arranging a customised training course for Nottingham City Council, to facilitate the city’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2028. While many city councils have set up goals to drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade, there is still a lot to be done in creating detailed and concrete plans to ensure that these targets are met. Being up to date with the most recent information is crucial when it comes to making decisions in order to improve practice in a sustainable way. The REI, in collaboration with top universities and industry experts around the world, is a leading professional training provider for individuals and organisations upskilling in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Energy Storage – the Future for Decarbonisation

Energy Storage, also referred to as battery storage, is an essential factor for any council, company or organisation with net zero carbon objectives. By implementing Energy Storage, the varying energy demand can be met, ensuring enough energy supply during peak periods, and making use of the surplus energy generated during low seasons. The expansion of Energy Storage as a means to meet sustainability goals, opens up a range of possibilities to trained professionals who can advise on how the grid works, how to predict demand, how electricity markets operate, and the future capacity of different battery technologies ranging from lithium-ion batteries to thermal batteries and compressed air storage. Having the skills to audit energy usage and finding the best solutions for an organisation’s specific energy needs is also an advantage (learn more about this on the REI’s Accredited Energy Storage course).

“Energy Storage is an essential factor for any council, company or organisation with net zero carbon objectives”

Energy Efficiency – crucial to reducing emissions

Energy Efficiency in Buildings is another priority for organisations and city councils who want to become carbon neutral. As space heating makes out the highest percentage of energy use in buildings, councils such as Peterborough City Council, Manchester City Council and Oxford City Council, have decided that all new housing developments are to include low carbon heating systems and have solid wall insulation. Powering cities with 100% Renewable Energy is on the sustainability agenda for most councils, including Leeds City Council, Southhampton City Council, and City of Newcastle. Nottingham City Council, has developed a detailed plan for decarbonising the city in the key areas such as transport, energy efficiency, and energy generation. The REI’s bespoke training assisted the team of specialists to create a financial model as a basis for further developing their project leading to carbon neutrality.

Involving all levels of organisation

In order to meet sustainability targets, experts recommend that all levels within an organisation are given specific Green Energy responsibilities. For achieving the best outcome, it is essential that everyone involved in a project has an understanding of the requirements of reaching the goal. This involves learning the relevant terminology used, and being aware of the different stages of developing the project. Upskilling in Project Management with a Renewable Energy focus, enables professionals to make informed decisions to take any project forward to success. Energy Storage is becoming an increasingly important component in achieving net zero carbon; regardless of which approach an organisation decides to take in order to reduce carbon emissions, having up to date knowledge on energy storage technologies will be necessary.

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