The Electric Vehicles Industry is Accelerating

In the global quest for replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, the expansion of the Electric Vehicles sector goes together with advancing technologies in solar and wind power, thermal storage and wave power. More and more companies are realising that there is a significant need forsustainable solutions to accommodate the growing population’s demand for transportation.

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Consequently, the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is experiencing a surge of interest from organisations and individuals who are seeking training in order to upskill in green technology and infrastructure. The REI has been training individuals and organisations from all over the world since 1975; with its wide scope of renewable energy courses led by renowned industry specialists, participants are turning to the REI as it has the expertise to provide a panorama of sustainability, showing how different areas in the industry are connected to each other. The REI’s Electric Vehicles course is designed to give participants a complete and nuanced understanding of what electric vehicles are. The course covers various kinds of electric vehicles ranging all the way from private cars to vans, buses and trucks. The modules include in-depth information on different types of operating systems, batteries and grid connections. The course also examines financial aspects of electric vehicles in the form of cost calculations and comparisons, and the legislative side is observed in terms of government policies and incentives. Looking at who the actors in the industry are, the course presents a framework for the conditions that need to be considered in order to implement electric vehicles on a large scale. The trends of urbanisation are presenting new challenges that need to be addressed quickly. Reports are published regularly on how air pollution is damaging the health of the population in general. Around the world, large cities are having to restructure their planning in order to avoid congestion on already heavily trafficked roads. While many people regard cars to be the main area of interest when it comes to electric vehicles, there is also a rise in new companies who are developing electric scooters as an alternative to existing city transport. The REI’s course on Electric Vehicles is open to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge in this fascinating area. There is no requirement to have any previous experience in technology or green energy, as the course is designed to address all learning levels. Making it possible for people from all industries to be part of the transformative movement towards a sustainable future is one of the REI’s main concerns, which is why the REI courses are made to be accessible for participants regardless of their background.

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Electric Vehicles is a multifaceted subject. Apart from the aspect of rechargeability, much research is also put into improving the overall production of the vehicles. A growing number of companies are looking at methods where sustainability runs through the whole chain of process, from the material and construction of the separate parts, to the optimisation of batteries and recharging infrastructure. The question of the vehicles’ second life through recycling is also a key issue that is currently investigated. To help companies find the best solutions for their organisation, the REI is pleased to offer bespoke courses in renewable energy and technology, tailored to any company’s specific area of interest. Previous participants on the REI’s bespoke courses in Electric Vehicles are BBC Studios, the National Grid, the NHS and many more. The Electric Vehicles course is available to be studied both in the classroom and through distance learning. Participants who take the course are invited to sit the exam for the internationally acclaimed Galileo Master Certificate, which is recognised as anindustry merit worldwide. Join the REI in exploring all the potential that Electric Vehicles hold. Reserve your space now.

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