REI Alumnus Spotlight – Bulb Energy, Joshua Rubman

GMC Certificate Achievers & REI Alumni Spotlight Bulb Energy – Joshua Rubman

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended REI courses and attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. The REI, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Joshua Rubman, who attended the Electric Vehicles Course in London from Bulb Energy – a green gas and electricity supplier.

Bulb participant on electric vehicles course

1. What is your current expertise at Bulb Energy and how does this relate to the renewable energy field? I trained in Environmental Sciences and Chinese during my undergraduate study, taking on professional experience in renewable energies and sustainability. Now, I work at Bulb Energy, a utility that makes energy greener, cheaper, and simpler for everyone. My job takes on a variety of roles, including direct support to members of the Bulb Energy community, operational improvement initiatives, and strategy projects. As part of my strategy focus, I chose to explore the implications of the Electric Vehicle future on both Bulb Energy and our members.

2. Why did you choose to train with the Renewable Energy Institute in order to take the exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate? I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the major economic, political, and social drivers that will create the future of the Electric Vehicles market. The course offered by the REI, in combination with their excellent reputation and subject matter expertise, promised this information along with the opportunity to network with other current/future industry players.

“The Electric Vehicles course provided an excellent breadth of material without sacrificing the depth necessary to be incredibly useful in my career.” – Joshua Rubman, Bulb Energy

3. What are the skills that you gained with the Renewable Energy Institute? The Electric Vehicles course provided an excellent breadth of material without sacrificing the depth necessary to be incredibly useful in my career. I’ve learned how to assess the potential of the Electric Vehicles market, distinguish between technical specifications of different vehicle charging products, and understand the environmental policy implications of recent UK/EU legislation. Effectively, I gained a baseline of knowledge in 2 days that’s sufficient for either directly tackling many of the problems I may encounter in the market, or understanding how to acquire and interpret the information needed to do so.

4. How will you apply these skills to your career, either directly or indirectly? In my immediate career, I hope to help guide Bulb Energy’s approach to the Electric Vehicles market through the insights I’ve gained. As an early career professional, exposure to high-quality information in a fairly nascent market will allow me to position myself as a subject matter expert. I can then gain access to opportunities I wouldn’t have had before.

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