REI Alumni Spotlight – Elevate LNG, Tatiana Fayzullina

GMC Certificate Achievers & REI Alumni Spotlight

Managing Director, Elevate LNG – Tatiana Fayzullina

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended REI courses and attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Green and Sustainable Energy sectors. The REI, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Green and Sustainable Energy, this month is delighted to speak with Tatiana Fayzullina, Managing Director of Elevate LNG, who attended the Energy Storage course at the University of London.

Elevate LNG

1. Hi Tatiana: what is your current expertise and how does this relate to the renewable energy field? I have been working on the decarbonization of the energy and transport industries since 2005. My main areas of expertise are carbon markets and LNG. In particular, I have been working with clients who are willing to switch their heavy duty trucks and ships to LNG as a cleaner fuel reducing air pollution and lowering carbon emissions. I am also trying to build my expertise around alternative fuels such as hydrogen, biogas and methanol.

2. Why did you choose to train with the Renewable Energy Institute in order to take the exam for the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate? I trusted the Renewable Energy Institute brand and believed that the training would be of a very high quality, meeting all of my needs as an energy consultant. I was looking for a course that covered the different types of storage that can be deployed for different projects, and  decided to enrol on the Energy Storage course with the REI.

“I trusted the Renewable Energy Institute brand and believed that the training would be of a very high quality.” – Tatiana Fayzullina – Managing Director, Elevate LNG

3. What are the skills that you gained with the Renewable Energy Institute? The training provided a solid overview of energy storage developments; including the types of electrical energy storage, integration into electrical grids and battery storage systems.

4. How will you apply these skills to your career, either directly or indirectly? Further decarbonization of the global economy increases deployment of intermittent energy sources and promotes growth in decentralized energy networks. Energy Storage is becoming more and more important for managing energy demand. The knowledge I gained on the Energy Storage course will help me work with my clients and offer them holistic solutions for their energy needs.

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