The Renewable Energy Institute’s corporate renewable energy training courses are offered in the United Kingdom and worldwide within the client’s premises or through live virtual classroom teaching.

COVID-19: the Renewable Energy Institute now provides live virtual classroom training where team members can learn from industry-leading experts and upskill together remotely from home.

Since 1975 we have trained tens of thousands of technicians, professionals and personnel every year from small to large organisations, such as the World Bank, IBM,  the UN Sustainable Development Committee, Panasonic, Ford Motor Company, Hilton International Hotels, the BBC, and many more.

Read testimonials from a selection of Renewable Energy Institute bespoke courses:

  • Nottingham City Council:“The REI were able to tailor a course to meet the specific needs of the team, the customer service provided was outstanding, and the price was competitive”
  • EDF Energy“I enjoyed all of the course and found it very helpful: it was also great to get to bond with my new team!”
  • BBC“The course was very interactive with clear delivery from the lecturer.”
  • Scottish Gas Networks“The course has developed my understanding into more specifically how renewables operate.”
  • Korea East-West Power“This is an exciting new era in South Korea’s energy development.”

Why choose a bespoke corporate training course at the Renewable Energy Institute?

  • The lecturers of all training courses are university professors, lecturers and experts in the field
  • Once trained by the Renewable Energy Institute, companies can display the approved logo which serves as a stamp of approval for clients
  • The course syllabus is based on the standard EMTEU courses, and can be amended if required to suit the clients’ specific needs – the programme can be agreed in advance, and re-submitted to the EMTEU committee of the Renewable Energy Institute for approval.
  • Bespoke courses within your organisation are usually more financially viable (please request a quote)
  • Courses are customised to our client’s requirements based on their products and services
  • All our courses are run with a consultancy element meaning that there is a strong interaction between participants and lecturers. Through more than 40 years of organising training courses in Renewable Energy, we have found this consultancy format and interaction is vital for the successful outcome of our courses and professional development of our participants
  • The minimum number of participants required for organising a bespoke course usually varies between 5 and 8 participants – this varies depending on the location and the topic of the course

Teaching based on the European Project EMTEU

– Energy Management Technician in Europe –

The course syllabus must receive EMTEU approval by the EMTEU Committee of the Renewable Energy Institute, prior to a course taking place.

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    EMTEU: Energy Management Technician in Europe. European Project N. ES/06/B/F/PP-149465