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14th European Conference (First Sitting)

This conference in Edinburgh was preliminary to the main conference which was held in Milan. The topics discussed in Edinburgh concerned renewable energy, whereas the main part of the conference covered the latest technology in refrigeration and air conditioning, also with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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United Nations – Renewable Energy Institute Summit and training:

The training courses focus on technical, legislative and financial aspects that were also presented at the 14th European Conference.

14th European Conference, Edinburgh Partners


Applications in Heating and Cooling
& funding opportunities to lower CO2 emissions

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

21st January 2011 | 9.00 am – 6.00pm: Networking | 1.00 am – 2.00pm: Lunch

Edinburgh, a global leader in Renewable Energy

Edinburgh 14th European Conference

Conference topics include:

  • Options and opportunities for individuals entering the renewable energy sector
  • Opportunities for companies expanding in the renewable energy market
  • Company requirements to meet CO2 emission targets
  • Comparison and choosing between Renewable Energies
  • Investment potential for both the economy and the environment
  • How to apply for grants and funding for green energy projects

Conference General Introduction:

Welcome to Heriot-Watt University by the Principal Professor Steve Chapman

R. Shende, United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP

D. Coulomb, IIR
Member of Scottish Parliament (invited)

First Session

The new components and equipment in relation to energy saving and environmental issues to cut CO2 emissions, results and updates in new systems in heating and cooling.


S. Roaf Heriot-Watt University*; A. Cavallini University of Padova*;
R. Shende OzonAction Programme United Nations Environment Programme;
E. Macchi Politecnico of Milano; T. Muneer Edinburgh Napier University;
D. Coulomb International Institute of Refrigeration.


Heat Pumps – air, water and geothermal systems.

Air Conditioning – innovative AC applications, energy efficiency.

Biomass – use of domestic and agriculture waste.

Photovoltaic – grid connection and stand alone.

Thermal Solar – heating and cooling systems.

Wind Power – installation and maintenance of small and big wind turbines.

New technology plants, new technology energy optimization, new components for household, commercial and industrial renewable energy. New technologies in RE, process and design. New technology in insulation.

Speakers: D. Coulomb International Institute of Refrigeration – S. Roaf Heriot-Watt University – A. CavalliniUniversity of Padova – E. Macchi Politecnico of Milano – A. Pearson Institute of Refrigeration – P. Lundqvist IIR – T. Mallick, J. Wilson Heriot-Watt University – T. Muneer Edinburgh Napier University – F. Asdrubali University of Perugia – J. Taylor Artemis Mitsubishi – J. Boone Mayekawa Europe – N. Achaichia Honeywell.

Open forum for debate with delegates
How to apply for grants and funding

Second Session

How to apply for grants and funding for green energy projects

European and international laws and climate change.
Certifications and licences in energy saving.
Energy certification of building directive.
New control technologies in renewable energies.


G. Fox AREA*; E. Macchi Polytechnic of Milano*; T. Dwyer ASHRAE;
S. Russell University of Edinburgh; R. Shende OzonAction Programme United Nations Environment Programme.

* Coordinators

New Regulations: inspections, logbook, handling components, minimum requirements for personnel, training. European certifications and licences. Issues concerning production and installation. Energy saving optimization. Energy Certification of Building. Environmental control for comfort and energy optimization.

Speakers: T. Dwyer ASHRAE – A. Voigt European Partnership for Energy and Environment – G. Fox Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association AREA –
S. Russell University of Edinburgh – M. Masoero Politecnico of Torino – K. Berglof Climacheck –
S. Landolina European Renewable Energy Centre Agency – G. Clarke Anderson Strathern –
D. Prentice GeoCapita Group.

Open forum for debate with delegates
How to apply for grants and funding

Third Session

Open Discussion on:

Energy and environmental issues, government subsidies and the environment: exploring the links with GND, bright prospects in renewable energy training
And European regulations.


R. Shende OzonAction Programme United Nations Environment Programme*;
M. Masoero Politecnico of Torino*; A. Cavallini University of Padova;
A. Pearson Institute of Refrigeration; G. Papadia Consul General.

* Coordinators

Discussion on energy issues in relation to renewable energies, components and plant optimization. Government subsidies – benefits for the Environment. Discussion on energy saving and maintenance.
European regulations.

Speaker: R. Shende OzonAction Programme United Nations Environment Programme –
P. Creaney ACR Today –
I. Tansley True Energy – P. Castaldo Consultant – P. Kew Heriot Watt University –
K. MacGregor Scottish Solar Energy Group.

Open forum for debate with delegates
How to apply for grants and funding

Conclusions of the conference on the future prospectives of renewable energies in heating and cooling and their role in combatting climate change.

S. Roaf Heriot-Watt University

R. Shende OzonAction Programme United Nations Environment Programme

Organised by:

United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP

International Institute of Refrigeration – IIR

Renewable Energy Institute (REI) UK

Technology Education Research Rehabilitation Environment (TERRE) India

Association of Refrigeration Technicians (ATF) Italy

Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) Italy

latest UN Summit in Bangkok on Montreal Protocol MOP22 Source: UNEP OzonActionAt the recent Bangkok UN Summit 2010, the United Nations launched the 14th European Conference in Renewable Energy, taking place in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University on the 21st January 2011.

The Conference on the Latest Technologies in Renewable Energy, Applications in Heating and Cooling – to lower CO2 emissions is organised by the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the intergovernmental International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

You can view the launch of this exciting event by clicking on the above video.

At the UN Summit in Bangkok, Leaders and Ministers from the 180 countries who are signatories to the UNs Kyoto and Montreal Protocols, were presented with a copy of the Special International Issue UNEP-EEC of Industria & Formazione.

In the above video: (from the left) Mr Shende, Head of OzonAction, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); His Excellency Thakur Prasad Sharma, Minister of the Environment for Nepal; Alessandro Giuliano Peru, Italian Ministry of Environment; Didier Coulomb, Director, intergovernmental International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). Source: UNEP OzonAction

Above image: latest UN Summit in Bangkok on Montreal Protocol MOP22 Source:UNEP OzonAction

14th Conference University Partners

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