Clear Up Confusion Over Electric Vehicles With the UK’s First Training Course

It is the first of its kind in the UK and is guaranteed to help reinforce what is still an emerging market for green transport

The Edinburgh-based European Energy Centre (EEC) has launched a 2-day training course for professionals and individuals who want to understand the cost saving opportunities and environmental benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

With soaring fuel prices and increasing pressure to reduce emissions from transport, electric vehicles seem like an attractive offer. Yet for many people, making the change from combustion engine-powered vehicles to electric-powered transport can still seem like a leap of faith. Following 36 years expertise in training in renewable energy technologies, the EEC – which is most known for its green conferences in partnership with the United Nations and the universities of Edinburgh Napier and Heriot Watt – has launched this course to help promote the adoption of sustainable technologies. Professor of Energy Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University, Tariq Muneer, who designed the electrical vehicles course in association with the EEC said “There has been a lot of confusion in recent years about the performance, cost and true environmental impact of electric vehicles – but this course will help people gain a clear perspective on all of the issues surrounding the latest technologies”. “During the course, participants will learn how and why the average driver of electric vehicles can save up to £2,200 per year on fuel compared to driving a car with a combustion engine,” explained Professor Muneer, whose own research includes a thorough analysis of the emissions from running electric vehicles charged from traditional grid and renewable sources.  In addition to being cheaper per mile to run, proponents of electric vehicles claim that, with fewer moving parts compared to vehicles powered by combustion engines, mean they are more durable and less likely to need repairing. “The course will let people look at the whole lifecycle associated with creating and using a vehicle,” said renewable energy and economics expert, Douglas Prentice. “From this it becomes easy to see that electric vehicles are a wise investment.” “Some local authorities have led the way by investing in electric vehicles as part of their fleet,” explained Mr Prentice. “Whilst we do expect local government representatives to attend this course, it is designed to appeal to the general public and anyone from the private sector who simply wants to know the facts about why switching to electric is wise choice in today’s climate”.”We are delighted to add this course to our list of renewable energy training opportunities; following the success of our Solar, Wind, Biomass, Heat Pumps and finance courses, we are confident this new course will also help people understand the technology and its many advantages” said director of the European Energy Centre, Paolo Buoni. “It is the first of its kind in the UK and is guaranteed to help reinforce what is still an emerging market for green transport”. Bookings are currently being taken for the electric vehicle course on 17th and 18th of November by contacting the European Energy Centre, and all participants will receive the internationally recognised Galileo Certificate as recognition of their achievement.

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