China On Track To Meet 2030 Renewable Energy Targets By The End Of 2024

A new report from the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) research body has stated that the country is likely to meet its 2030 renewable energy targets, an impressive 6 years ahead of target. This is for the most part due to incredibly quick growth in the solar and wind sectors which was apparent in 2023 and continues throughout 2024.

By the end of 2024, China is expected to add 260GW of renewable energy capacity, after previously adding just over 300GW in 2023. This meant that last year, China provided 60% of all global renewable energy additions.

Overall, this rapid growth will bring solar and wind capacity across the nation to a total of 1310GW, surpassing the 2030 target of 1200GW. CREEI expects that wind power will continue to grow in the coming years, but that the main focus will be on solar power, which will continue to expand incredibly quickly. Energy storage across the country is also expanding quickly in order to keep up with energy production.

As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, it is crucial that China commits to renewable energy targets, and positive news to see they are within reach of achieving them. Nevertheless, critics have voiced concerns over the speed of solar growth, arguing that it will lead to overcapacity due to slower rises in demand.

China’s next goal is to provide 80% of its energy needs from sustainable means and reach net zero by 2060 and it is clear that wind, solar and energy storage will be key to achieving this.

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