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Renewable Energy Conference Urges Immediate Action

Organised by the Renewable Energy Institute, the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, Terre Policy Centre [...]

International Conference Makes New Green Deal a Reality

At the recent Bangkok UN Summit 2010, the United Nations launched the 14th European Conference in [...]

Getting Ready for Renewable Energy

The "Getting Ready for Renewable Energy- GND" is an important international conference which took place in [...]

Business Opportunities for 2016 and Beyond

With an expected agreement at the United Nations Conference in Paris this month to decide [...]


(This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology website) GBE factory project [...]

Concerns over UK skills shortage in Renewable Energy

Organisations Seek Targeted Courses to Become More Competitive and Improve Renewable Energy Skills. Bespoke training [...]

India Conference

“Getting Ready for Renewable Energy – GND” Europe-India Initiative Under the Auspices of:Italian Ministry of [...]