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COP26 Updates

The Renewable Energy Institute is proud to report on the outcomes of the highly anticipated [...]

Youth and the Climate Crisis – Exploring Attitudes and Opportunities

With many longer-term climate targets in place for 2050 and beyond, it is clear that [...]

COP26 – What are the Goals & What Can We Do?

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, is set to take place [...]

9 Reasons Wind Power is Still the Future of Green Energy

Wind Power is one of the oldest energy sources harnessed by humans. Early windmills used [...]

Hydrogen, a New Energy Vector for a Decarbonised Europe

Introduction Low carbon hydrogen will play a crucial role in Europe’s decarbonised future economy, as [...]

Hydrogen Energy – Is It Worth the Hype?

WHAT IS HYDROGEN? Hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel that produces only water as a by-product [...]

Studying Renewable Energy from Home: the best thing you can do right now

Staying at home has become part of everyday life for many Renewable Energy professionals all [...]

US Focus: Renowned Renewable Energy course made available online

The REI’s acclaimed Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course, now available to study flexibly [...]

Energy Storage for Net Zero Carbon Councils

Introducing the Decade of Renewable Energy, councils around the UK and worldwide have announced a [...]

Greta Thunberg Awarded with Honorary GMC

Following the announcement of the 2020s as the Decade of Renewable Energy, the Renewable Energy [...]