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Heat Pumps For Decarbonizing the Building Sector

Heat pumps are the main devices to achieve the goal to decarbonize heating and cooling [...]

7 Vital Ways to Improve Your Career Prospects in the Renewable Energy Industry

The Renewable Energy industry is growing rapidly, and with that comes opportunities for anyone wishing [...]

C02 Refrigeration and Winery Operations

     CO2 refrigeration systems not only easily replace existing systems, but they also offer a [...]

Project Finance, Energy Efficiency and Implications for Project Managers

The European Union has enhanced the quantity of public finances offered for efficiency schemes: Featured [...]

PV Systems at the Module Level

Support for module-level power electronics (MLPE) has grown recently in the U.S. Solar market in [...]

The behavioural modelling and simulation of PV modules under real weather conditions in PSPICE

Model the solar cells first and then to perform simulations, writes Chandrika Ramiah Abstract In [...]

90% of Domestic Solar Generation Usable with Batteries

Over 1 million people across the country are living in houses powered by Solar Energy: [...]

Intelligent Buildings and Their Role in the Future Global Energy System

Research shows that by installing smart systems into buildings there can be large annual savings, [...]

Energy Efficiency in Homes

    The ability of a building to require low energy to provide comfort is [...]

COP21 Global Climate Summit: A Review of the Paris Agreement

Prof. Sklar is an EEC Expert Lecturer of the Solar Photovoltaic and the Renewable Energy [...]