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Interview with Solar PV Expert

The Growing Solar Energy Industry: REI Expert Interview with Professor John Wilson The REI is [...]

Speed, the Forgotten Cost Reduction Factor in the Energy Transition

To keep global warming below 1.5 °C, our energy systems need to be carbon emission [...]

Central America’s Energy Transition

Central American economic pressure limits exposure to fossil fuel imports, writes Christian Roselund: When considering [...]

Human electricity – a solution?

Substitute diesel with humans, then the power station would need to pay the humans weekly [...]

Sensing Domestic Energy Use

It’s important to improve Energy Efficiency. In the UK in 2016, for example, domestic energy [...]

The Age of the Electric Car?

In this article we explore what is an Electric Vehicle (EV), how owning an EV [...]

Flywheels: An economic and sustainable solution meeting the growing need for the electrical energy storage

Flywheels offer an attractive solution for fast response application, says Prof. Keith Robert Pullen: Increasing [...]

A discussion on the application of Electric Vehicles to Taxi Cab Fleets

The sharp rise in the use of Electric Vehicles has important consequences for the United States, Europe [...]

5 Questions you need to be asking about Electric Vehicles

Anyone paying attention to the Engineering and Transport industries will have noticed that the publicity surrounding Electric [...]

Can all new cars sold in the UK be Electric by 2040?

The great majority of the UK’s private transport capacity consists of cars running on diesel [...]