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Energy Storage and Renewable Energy – An Unbreakable Bond

People are used to sitting at home and being able to plug their laptops into [...]

The role of flywheel energy storage in decarbonised electrical power systems

Flywheel technology has the potential to be a key part of our Energy Storage needs, [...]

Energy Storage for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric Vehicles (EV) are projected to become increasingly prominent in the Transport industry; due both [...]

Blockchain for the Renewable Energy Industry

Blockchain technology is changing the Renewable Energy Industry, for the better. Blockchain is what underpins [...]

Compressed air energy storage – A new heat-integration, liquid-compression approach

    Energy storage technologies can play a significant role in the difficult task of [...]

Optimizing Natural Gas Generation with Energy Storage: A Gamechanger for the Transition to a Cleaner and More Affordable Power Sector

Janice Lin explains that renewables capacity will continue to grow at a rapid rate, and [...]

Solar power and climate change: a silver lining for colder countries?

This year the UK, a country famous for its cool, drizzly climate, had one of [...]

Tesla, Supercharging the Electric Car Market?

Over a million electric vehicles were produced in 2017, representing a 60 percent growth on [...]

Blockchain means big change for the Renewable Energy Industry

Blockchain is an innovative technology which is set to change the renewable energy industry. Essentially, [...]

The Road to Mass Market EVs in the USA

For more information on the Electric Vehicles course taking place in the live Virtual Classroom, [...]