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Design And Implementation of a Solar Wheelbarrow System for Rural Communities in Nigeria

ABSTRACT One of the reasons for the shortage of power supply in rural areas in [...]

Fracking vs. Renewables?

Learn about energy options with the  Green Energy Consultant Expert Certificate. For more information email [...]

Ammonia – The key to unlocking hydrogen’s potential as a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels?

Hydrogen is widely expected to be the energy carrier to replace fossil fuels as renewable [...]

Hydrogen, a New Energy Vector for a Decarbonised Europe

Introduction Low carbon hydrogen will play a crucial role in Europe’s decarbonised future economy, as [...]

The Green Potential of Singapore’s Energy Industry

    Abstract The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore is well-known to be a technologically [...]

Solar Power – A Solid Modern Investment

The success of solar photovoltaics in the renewables industry has a simple explanation: sunlight is [...]

A Solar Powered Computer Lab for Malawi

Project Background Since 2013 The Turing Trust has been delivering computers to several sub-Saharan African [...]

A Real Look at Change Management for Utility Technology Implementation

Abstract A wealth of literature exists on the need for change management in technology implementations [...]

The Electric Vehicles Industry is Accelerating

The Renewable Energy Institute's (REI) course on Electric Vehicles is open to anyone who is [...]