Carbon Finance is changing the Low-Carbon Landscape for Professionals

How must professionals in the UK, Europe and beyond respond to take advantage of these changes?


As we approach the deadlines for the EU 2020 energy targets, the topic of Carbon Management and ensuing strategies to offset carbon emissions have taken on even greater significance for global businesses. Major changes will be necessary across the economy, not just in the energy sector itself. Decision-makers within small, medium and large organisations now need to be aware of the requirements for carbon reduction commitments and effects of carbon management and trading strategies. A career within the Low-Carbon Sector is now a truly exciting prospect, with trillions of pounds of new investment required in order to react to and adjust to the challenges and consequences of climate change. The Carbon Finance and Investment sectors are growing substantially and will continue to do so over the coming decades. For professionals within and affiliated to the industry, the wide range of approaches and legislation are continuously changing and make operating within the sector particularly challenging.


Career opportunities have also opened up within the sector, especially in careers such as carbon consulting, carbon trading, climate change policy and SRI investment. The strength of the financial sector in London has led to the city being labelled the global centre of Carbon Trading, with over 70% of all carbon market trading desks and 80% of all carbon market brokering firms located here. In line with these developments, the Renewable Energy Institute has elected the University of London to be the next host of the Carbon Finance workshop. This important event is organised in cooperation with leading universities and is aimed at managers and directors looking to invest in the Low-Carbon and Renewable Energy sectors, individuals considering a consultancy job and those interested in reducing organisations’ carbon footprint, improving green credentials in line with current legislation and carbon reduction commitments. The workshop has been designed as a 2 day short intensive course for busy professionals.  The course is delivered by a financial expert from the City who has over 20 years of experience in the low-carbon sector and can advise on current government policies and available support schemes.


In order to respond to the needs of the London financial sector, a Funding Voucher Scheme has been announced which allows each delegate who attends the Carbon Finance course on the 28th – 29th April in London to claim up to £864 worth of online renewable energy courses. There are limited Vouchers available so if you would like to attend, please contact for more details.

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