Cambridge Power Secures Permission for Installation of High-Storage Battery

High Storage Electric Battery

Cambridge Power has secured planning permission for a 60MW battery energy storage system in the UK, this week. Approval was granted to the UK based energy company to install the battery in Yorkshire, England.

Granted by Leeds County Council, the new battery will be developed near a substation in Redcote, Leeds. This Redcote project is the 10th consecutive battery storage development that they have secured in two years.

This new facility will also be in support of Cambridge Power’s ESG strategy which focuses on reviving under-utilised or inefficient industrial sites. Their aim is to convert them into sustainable, long-term energy infrastructure developments.

This project has also secured approval from Northern Power Grid for a connection service in August of 2024 – when completed this will allow an even greater scope of supply for the installed batteries.

Once this development is complete and online, it will provide a reliable source of sustainable energy for the area. Energy storage is a key part of unlocking sustainable energy alternatives. However, when looking at suitability for installation there are key areas that need to be taken into consideration; what type of storage is needed and the characteristics of each, parameters for electrical energy storage and costs and pricing.

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Cambridge Power’s head of planning, Neil Waterson, commented on the development, stating, “We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone for Cambridge Power with the approval of our tenth consecutive planning success in two years.”

He goes on to add, “This will help to play a pivotal role in transforming the energy landscape by providing reliable, sustainable, and efficient storage capabilities. We are grateful for the support of all our consultants, including Johnson Mowat, Rossi Long, DRaW, Professional Consult and Futures Ecology in helping to achieve another positive outcome for Cambridge Power.”

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