Brazil welcomes a big newcomer to its clean energy market

Octopus Energy Group’s international expansion plans have taken the leap into Brazil’s clean energy market, following a major partnership with Brazil’s largest electricity and gas provider, Energisa Group. The deal will advance clean energy development across South America’s largest country in a bid to tackle fuel poverty.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy Group, commented: “This is a massive opportunity and can serve as a blueprint for similar countries and places with high poverty. Through a combination of methods, our budding partnership will help build the future green energy system in South America – with world-class efficiency and customer service at the heart.”

Currently, more than 600,000 Brazilians are living without access to electricity and 1 in 10 are classified as living in energy poverty. The companies have said that they will work together to optimise Energisa’s batteries and solar farms in Brazil, where they will look to increase efficiency and boost service to customers. By doing so, they hope that “millions” of people will benefit from this innovation in the energy industry, which plans to accelerate the development of low-cost renewables.

The new partners conveyed they will take a three-pronged approach, which will focus on knowledge transfer, technology licensing and potential joint ventures. Along with this, Octopus stated that a central part of the new partnership will see it bring Kraken, its AI enabled tech platform, to Brazil where Energisa will use the software to analyse the energy value chain. This will advance the rollout of smart energy products and ensure the smooth integration of new wind farms, solar projects and batteries onto the grid.

The alliance also marks another milestone in Octopus’ international expansion drive, which has seen it set up operations or partnerships in 18 countries, including France, Germany, Australia, the US, and Japan.

Ricardo Perez Botelho, Chief Executive Officer of Energisa, said: “This agreement represents not only a collaboration between companies but a joining of efforts towards a greater goal: driving the energy transition and bringing access to energy to communities that do not yet have it. Together, we are committed to exchanging knowledge, exploring new business opportunities, and making a difference, promoting a more sustainable and inclusive future for the Brazilian people.”

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