BBC Studios welcome REI for talk on Electric Vehicles

The Renewable Energy Institute was this week invited to deliver an exclusive talk on Electric Vehicles at the BBC studios in Salford, Manchester. The talk was given as part of the BBC’s Blue Room Sustainability Season, a site-wide event intended to ensure that BBC employees are up-to-date and aware of the latest in sustainable living and technology. The REI is proud to promote knowledge sharing and best practice in relation to all Green Energy Technologies and works with Leading Experts and associations worldwide, including the United Nations UNEP, to distribute the latest research, information and training to individuals around the world.

BBC REI Electric Vehicles talk

Electric Vehicles at the BBC: the presentation was led by the same Expert lecturer who teaches the REI’s leading 2-day Accredited training course on Electric Vehicles, Dr Colin Herron, and was designed to inform BBC employees about the benefits of Electric Vehicles. During the session various key topics were covered, including: – What is the history of Electric Vehicles? – What is currently happening in the world of Electric Vehicles? – What is the future of Electric Vehicles? As well as these topics, Dr. Herron also discussed and debunked common myths about Electric Vehicles at the BBC. Increasing knowledge and understanding about Electric Vehicles to organisations like the BBC is crucial since, as Dr. Herron pointed out “they are a respected voice which people listen to: they need to know the actual facts about EV and not myths (of which there are many)”. Indeed, with the Electric Vehicle industry growing rapidly, and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV’s) set to change the transport landscape in the coming years, now is certainly the time for large and respected organisations to take the wheel when it comes to encouraging ULEV uptake amongst individuals.

BBC Electric Vehicles REI Lecturer

The REI is leading the drive towards ULEVs, by providing accredited training at universities across the UK, reporting the latest news, and providing learning resources to individuals in 149 countries worldwide. Participants from organisations including Ford, The NHS, the Department for Transport, The National Grid and The Greater London Authority have registered for the REI’s 2-day training course on Electric Vehicles, which offers participants the opportunity to achieve the Internationally Recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC). As well as earning an accredited CPD award during the course, participants have the opportunity to network with other participants, as well as the Expert Lecturer. With the Government committed to banning the sale of all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, professionals from many industries are realising that now is the time to build a career in the Electric Vehicles sector.

If you would like more information about the 2-day Electric Vehicles course, please visit the course page: Courses are scheduled to take place in London and Edinburgh throughout the coming months, however please register your interest as soon as possible as places are very limited. To talk in more detail with a course advisor about career opportunities in the sector please call 0131 446 9479.

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