Azerbaijan and U.A.E unveil joint renewable energy projects ahead of COP29 Presidency

Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates have recently published plans to collaborate on 3 major renewable energy projects, focusing on both solar and wind power. All eyes are on Azerbaijan in 2024 as the hosts of COP29 in November. Historically, the country has been very reliant on fossil fuels so now faces pressure to show a commitment to renewables going forward. President Aliyev of Azerbaijan acknowledged this when announcing the new projects, highlighting their ‘obligation to be among the frontrunners of the green transition.’ By 2030, the country aims to generate 30% of its electricity requirements from renewable sources.

All 3 projects (2 solar plants and 1 wind farm) will be constructed in Azerbaijan, with investment from the U.A.E, hosts of COP28. Once operational, the projects will provide a total of 1 GW of clean energy and prevent 943 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The U.A.E provided the following statement regarding their involvement in the projects:

‘We are proud to partner with Azerbaijan on this significant expansion of its renewable energy capacity and to support Azerbaijan’s journey toward energy diversification, stimulating new industries, new jobs and sustainable economic growth… A key pillar of the historic UAE consensus is the goal of tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030. We need many more partnerships like these to ensure a just, orderly and equitable energy transition that keeps 1.5 within reach.’

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and COP28 President

This commitment to new renewable energy projects is a positive step ahead of COP29 later this year, where the world will be expecting increased action on climate issues. The conference will take place in Azerbaijan between the 11th and 22nd November 2024. Make sure to follow the Institute’s social media channels, or sign up to our newsletter to access our coverage of the event.

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