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Indonesia Announces $20 Billion Investment in Renewable Energy

This month, Indonesia unveiled a new investment initiative, the Comprehensive Investment and Policy Plan (CIPP), [...]

£90 Billion in Investments Revealed for UK Power Grid

Reforming connections and expanding capacity within the UK power grid are anticipated to attract £90 [...]

A Revolution in Solar Power – Perovskite Solar Cells

In the 21st century, solar energy has emerged as one of the most widely embraced [...]

Nigeria and Germany Sign $500 Million Green Energy Deal

On Tuesday in Berlin, Nigerian and German firms formalised two agreements, solidifying their economic collaboration, [...]

UK Offshore Wind Maximum Price Raised

In a recent online announcement, the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) [...]

USA and China Commit to Triple Renewable Energy by 2030

The United States and China have agreed to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030, [...]

Upcoming Scorching Summer Sees Australia Turn to Renewables

This Australian summer is expected to see a surge in electricity demand due to heatwaves, [...]

Wind Trees – A New Solution to Green Energy Production

Renewable energy innovators are exploring inventive approaches to incorporate green energy into our homes – [...]

World Record Smashed in Major Breakthrough for Solar Panel Efficiency

A significant breakthrough has been achieved in the realm of solar panel efficiency, thanks to [...]

Gravity-Based Energy: China Increases Scope of Groundbreaking Project

China has signed agreements to deploy an additional 5 gravity-based energy storage systems, bringing the [...]