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Energy Storage: The Parisian District Cooling System

A. Di Cecca, F. Benassis, P. PoeufClimespace – GDF Suez, Paris Abstract Thermal energy storage [...]

Intelligent Liquid Distribution System Saves Energy: Roadblocks by current standardisation and legislation

Stefan PietrekGlobal Application Director, Danfoss A/S Abstract: The paper explains one out of many examples [...]

R1234yf and Lubricants: An update about recent developments

Claudio Zilio Dipartimento di Fisica Tecnica – Università degli Studi di Padova Introduction Over the [...]

Refrigerant Options in Stationary AC&R Systems

INTRODUCTION Due to a growing global concern about the increasing impact of mankind on the [...]

New Refrigerants, Replacement of R22 and New Equipment

Louis Lucas Honorary President of AFF (Association Française du Froid) Honorary Director of IIR (International [...]

Why Do We Need to Innovate?

ABSTRACT This paper explores the developments that have been achieved in the last 20 years [...]

Global Warming: A key issue for refrigeration and air conditioning

Didier CoulombDirector, International Institute of Refrigeration Introduction Refrigeration, including air conditioning, is necessary for life [...]

Nanofluids: A new generation of high efficiency fluids

Sergio BOBBO, Laura COLLA, Laura FEDELE Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per le Tecnologie della [...]

Ground Source Heat Pumps

1. INTRODUCTION Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) gain importance world-wide with respect to energy efficiency [...]

Energy Saving and Ecosustainability: Industrially Achievable Goals

In the large retail sector, the focus is increasingly on the optimisation, management and monitoring [...]