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What is the waste-to-energy market outlook, and what strategies can be effective in developing these projects?

Written by Hossein Nouri, Managing Director of Petro Power Construction Ltd. This article is intended [...]

Five reasons to study with the Renewable Energy Institute

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“We are in the fight of our lives. And we are losing. Greenhouse gas emissions [...]

REI to Host COP27 Roundtable

COP27 is underway in Egypt, with representatives from 190 countries discussing the future of sustainability, [...]

Institute Insights: What Lies Ahead For COP27?

On the 6th November 2022, COP27 will be commencing in Sharm-El-Sheik, Egypt. Once again our [...]

Biomass: the key to decarbonisation?

Why Biomass? While it does not always receive as much coverage as other forms of [...]

5 Ways Renewable Energy Training Will Benefit Your Organisation

Staff upskilling & training is an integral part of any organisation’s plan for the future [...]

What Happens if We Don’t Meet Renewable Energy Targets?

Countries around the world have committed to targets to mitigate and slow the [...]

What is Renewable Energy?

What is Renewable Energy?  Renewable energy (also known as clean energy) is energy from natural [...]

REI Alumni Spotlight – Sumanta De, TATA Group

GMC Certificate Achievers & REI Alumni Spotlight Assistant General Manager – Electrical, TATA Group, Sumanta [...]