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University of British Columbia Partners With Powertech Labs for ‘First of Its Kind’ Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Canada is making significant steps towards its net zero pledge, with the University of British [...]

Octopus Energy makes first US renewables investment, with $2 billion dedicated towards clean energy projects

The UK’s largest electricity supplier, Octopus Energy, has taken the leap into the US renewable [...]

Breakthrough new battery research could help boost the renewable energy transition

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States have found a new way of developing [...]

US scientists produce hydrogen using 600% less energy in new breakthrough

The University of Illinois in Chicago, USA, have published research outlining a new method of [...]

Ireland announces the launch of breakthrough new wind and solar data management platform

BrightWind, an Irish based company, have recently announced the launch of a new data management [...]

Azerbaijan and U.A.E unveil joint renewable energy projects ahead of COP29 Presidency

Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates have recently published plans to collaborate on 3 major [...]

AraBat: Pioneering Sustainable Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling for a Renewable Future

Written for the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) by Leonardo Binetti and Raffaele Nacchiero, AraBat The [...]

International Energy Agency predicts significant renewable energy investment for 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published their latest World Energy Investment Report this week, [...]

Japan and European Union form agreement to collaborate on clean hydrogen

Earlier this week, Japan and the EU agreed to work together on the ‘Clean Hydrogen [...]

350 Megawatt Development of Renewable Energy Planned in Nigeria

Two Nigerian organisations, the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and EM-ONE Energy Solutions have recently formed [...]