Achieve the Master Award in Renewable Energy

The REI’s Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award is the most comprehensive pathway that the REI offers. With 12 different courses studied flexibly over 18 months, you can expand your knowledge in a wide range of renewable energy topics, from necessary technical information, to local and international policies and regulations.

During your Master Award studies, you will be trained in crunching the numbers and setting up a realistic financial plan for your renewable energy project, or to learn about renewables in order to progress in your career. At the REI, you can be sure that the training that you are taking part in has been developed by university professors and renowned international industry experts, with more than 30 years of experience in their field.

The REI works closely with the United Nations Environment to continuously advance renewable energy and technology through research and practice. As a participant on one of REI’s courses, you can be certain that the material on your course has been carefully reviewed to keep it at the highest, most up-to-date, international standard.

Do you need any qualifications in order to study the Master Award?

The REI offers professional learning development training, which means that professionals with many years of experience study alongside people who are at the very beginning of their career. You do not need to have any background knowledge in science or engineering in order to study at the REI. There are no intake exams or evidences of qualification required. The courses are designed to address all levels of understanding, taking you through the basics of the subject to in-depth, advanced learning. One thing that all the REI’s participants do have in common, is their interest in renewable energy and technology.

What subjects are included in the Master Award?

The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award was developed after previous REI course participants required a more all-encompassing programme to cover renewable energy from all angles. Some of the courses are geared towards a specific source of energy or technology, such as Wind Power or Electric Vehicles, while others focus on how to navigate the business side of the renewable energy sector, in terms of planning and launching a project. There are many speculations around the financial viability of adapting to renewable energy technology; the Renewable Energy Management and Finance course is developed specifically to address any questions that you might have concerning the costs involved in green energy projects.

The Solar Photovoltaics course was one of the initial training courses that the REI offered when it first started out to transform the landscape of renewable energy. It is still one of the REI’s most popular courses, as is the Energy Storage course, which explores the territory of different grid connected systems and batteries. Rethinking how to construct buildings is a vital factor when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, and this is the ground that the Energy Efficiency in Buildings course covers. The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award consists of 12 courses, where the last course is a specialisation course of your choice, so that you can gain the skills that you need in order to achieve your ambitions in renewable energy.

There has never been a better time to join the renewables industry – by studying with the REI, you have the chance to be one of the explorers of a fantastic new era in the history of energy.

Where do the studies take place?

The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award can be studied entirely through distance learning, but participants also have the option of studying up to three classroom courses within the programme. These courses are held atleading universities in the UK, such as the University of London or Edinburgh Napier University and the USA, including The George Washington University. Attending a classroom course gives you a chance to network with others in the sector, which can be especially valuable if you are just starting out in the field of renewable energy.

Many REI participants appreciate being able to study through distance learning, as this lets them plan their studies around their work and family commitments. An added bonus is that the online learning courses give you the chance to go over the learning material and watch the videos as many times as you need. The course materials are formatted so that you can access them not only through your computer, but also through your tablet and mobile. If you have a long way to commute to work, this is an ideal opportunity to make use of the time.

Why study renewable energy today?

It has become clearer than ever that sustainable energy is the only way forward for this planet’s survival. In order to adapt to this new reality, there is a high demand for green expertise among professionals in all sectors who will be able to lead the way forward and provide alternative solutions to the systems that the world is currently relying on. The landscape of renewable energy is changing rapidly, with new technologies being developed constantly. At international conventions such as the 18th European Conference, cutting-edge innovations in the Renewable and Green Energy sector are presented and discussed. Many organisations are making large investments to change their existing infrastructure to become environmentally sustainable, creating new job openings and opportunities for collaboration. There has never been a better time to join the renewables industry – by studying with the REI, you have the chance to be one of the explorers of a fantastic new era in the history of energy.

What happens after the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award?

Once you have graduated from the programme, you will automatically achieve Mastership Status, the highest credential in the EEC’s Global Professional Membership Programme. As the sustainable energy field changes constantly, the Mastership Status is renewed annually and only members who can show that they have dedicated at least 30 hours of CPD Activities during the past year are able to keep their status. The Mastership Status is an excellent way of verifying your continuous growth and development in the industry. The REI is always keen to hear back from its Master Award Alumni. Some of the REI’s Master participants have gone on to become entrepreneurs in renewable energy, by setting up their own consultant agencies, or by combining their passion for art and literature to show the creative potential in green energy. A few of our participants have discovered new interests through our courses, and after finishing their studies, ventured on a different path than they previously anticipated. Whichever way you choose to take after your Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award studies, the programme is designed so that once you have completed it, you will have the confidence to make informed decisions in order to take your green future to any level that you want.

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