World’s First Hydrogen Energy Course Launched by the Renewable Energy Institute

The Renewable Energy Institute, award-winning for continuous work on knowledge-sharing and professional training in Renewable Energy worldwide, has launched the first Accredited Hydrogen Energy course available to be studied online on-demand. This course, which is already generating a large amount of interest, provides participants from all over the world with the opportunity to study the latest knowledge in the rapidly growing Hydrogen industry at their own pace, across all time zones.

The Accredited Hydrogen Energy course, which is included in the 13-course Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award, and the Hydrogen Energy Expert Certificate (3 courses), can also be studied as a standalone course online On-demand or in the Live Virtual Classroom. Participants from organisations such as EDF Energy, Arup and Subsea 7 have attended the course in the Live Virtual Classroom, achieving the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC).

Green Hydrogen Energy has been identified as one of the solutions to meeting the zero-emissions target outlined in the Paris Agreement. Governments worldwide are now including Hydrogen as part of their strategies to reduce greenhouse emissions, and the energy source is also highlighted as a priority in the European Green Deal to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

Why Hydrogen Energy?

In this critical point in time, where considerable measures must be taken in order to stop the climate crisis from developing further, it is essential to explore all options to substitute fossil fuels. Sustainable Hydrogen Energy has the qualities to serve as a complement to Renewable Energy sources such as solar, wind, and wave and hydro power to cover the world’s energy consumption and ensure the development of global climate justice.

The Renewable Energy Institute, collaborating closely with United Nations (UNEP) to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, is pleased to confirm that the interest among individuals and companies to upskill in Renewable Energy continues to increase. Companies and organisations such as Google, the World Bank, Ford Motor Company, and many more have chosen to study the Renewable Energy Institute’s accredited courses and achieve the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC). The Institute is also delighted to see many previous GMC achievers return to study more courses to expand their existing knowledge. The Hydrogen Energy course has been exceptionally in high demand by professionals across all sectors. 

Expertise in Hydrogen Energy needed

While Hydrogen Energy technology has been used for many years, it is only in the last 20 years that interest for the technology has become more widespread. Ranging from being effectively transportable to having long storage capacity, the advantages of green Hydrogen Energy are many. Sustainable Hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise industrial energy use and improve energy efficiency in buildings. Vehicles driven by Hydrogen fuel cells have also been highlighted as a complement to Electric Vehicles to help decarbonise transportation.

The Renewable Energy Institute recognised a knowledge gap in the industry regarding how to implement sustainable hydrogen on a wider scale, taking into consideration technological, logistical, financial, and legislative aspects. The Institute introduced the Accredited Hydrogen Energy course in order to bridge this gap and provide companies and organisations training by a Hydrogen Energy expert with many years’ experience in the field. The Hydrogen Energy course gives participants a broad perspective of how to approach Hydrogen Energy in order to successfully plan new projects which will help the transition to a zero carbon future.

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