4 Reasons to Study Carbon Finance

4 Reasons to Study Carbon Finance

Investment is being poured into net-zero projects globally across the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors. It is therefore vital that individuals are trained in Carbon Finance to help companies deliver this investment effectively and efficiently. 

Studying Carbon Finance can do just this. From providing carbon lifecycle assessments to strategising low-carbon transitions, this line of study can provide you with the knowledge to deliver holistic financial planning for a wide range of businesses.

With this in mind, the Renewable Energy Institute delves into 4 key reasons you should study Carbon Finance.

1. You Can Future-Proof Your Career

Careers in Carbon Finance have high job security compared to other industries. Companies around the globe are outlining low-carbon goals – for example, top multinationals aiming to achieve net-zero by 2040 to 2050 [1] – to align with their countries’ aims for decarbonisation. Consultants and strategists trained in Finance will be needed to take on these large-scale projects. These professionals will help to guide organisations of varying sizes to make sound strategic choices around their projects to deliver on their net-zero promises. 

If you want to explore a career that is currently in high demand (jobs in the Renewables sector increased to 12 million this year, but a significant skills gap remains when it comes to delivering solutions [2]), and will continue to be so, as global climate ambitions become more and more important, you should certainly consider taking high-quality Carbon Finance training.

2. You Can Land Your Dream Job

With a certification in Carbon Finance, you can apply for jobs in consultancy, finance, carbon management, trading strategies and carbon reduction commitments for small, medium, and large organisations. These jobs involve communicating with key stakeholders to strategise the best means of achieving decarbonisation for a wide range of businesses in a variety of sectors. Renewable Energy jobs are in high demand, and this demand is increasing exponentially as the world strives towards meeting its ambitious climate targets. The jobs also have impressive salary offerings, making them a doubly attractive opportunity.

For managers and directors already working in these jobs, further education in Carbon Finance can provide a much-needed career boost by helping them to understand and deliver more in-depth strategies to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

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3. You Can Make Real Change

Jobs based in Finance allow you to help shape a company’s strategy and goals from the inside out. In gaining a thorough understanding of finance in low-carbon strategies, you can be an integral part of a company’s mission to achieve decarbonisation. You will be able to assist business functions using various financial instruments to respond directly to the effects of man-made climate change. 

Many individuals hold climate change as an issue close to their heart and are spurred on in their careers to help drive change that can shape the planet in real-time. Gaining an expert-led education in this field can do just that, and allow you to secure a job that aligns with your core beliefs and wider ambitions.

4. You Can Study On Your Terms

There is a range of benefits to studying from home. From saving time and money on travel to and from classrooms to obtaining incredible networking opportunities with other students around the world, The Renewable Energy Institute’s online courses are perfect for professional development at any stage of your career.

The new Carbon Finance course is just the same; led by an industry expert with years of experience advising on bankable Net Zero strategies for large infrastructure companies in the UK and European markets (including airports, ports and utility companies). The course, which provides you with 20-30 CPD Hours, will be available to study on-demand this summer, or via the Live Virtual Classroom between Tuesday 7th- Wednesday 8th June 2022.

Participants who enrol onto the Institute’s Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award will have the opportunity to attend the Carbon Finance course as part of their learning pathway, and count the course as one of their required 13 accredited courses.

The REI is currently taking registrations for the Carbon Finance course, but places are limited. To register, visit the training page, or email us at training@renewableinstitute.org for a registration form. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)131 44 69 479 to book your place today.

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