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“REI courses provide a great starting point to broaden your knowledge in the areas of Sustainability and Renewable Energy.”

(Sri Sri-Jayantha)

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World Bank

“The sound technical knowledge and experience of the lecturer guided me through the components, technology, factors, drivers and forecasts of the market.”

(Sandrine Boukerche)

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The MET Office

“I gained a much greater knowledge about the principles of sustainable design and the finance mechanisms available to implement a scheme.

The knowledge will help me identify opportunities for my company to engage our clients at new points in project lifecycles.”

(Marc David)

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Courses and Qualifications in Renewable Energy

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Galileo Master Certificate

Information on the renewable energy courses and exams we offer which lead to the Galileo Master Certificate can be found here

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate has earned a strong reputation and has been awarded to high-profile companies such as Google, European Investment Bank, Hilton International Hotels and Volkswagen.

The Renewable Energy Institute trains over 5000 individuals every year worldwide. Courses leading to the Certificate are delivered across 21 European Universities.

To see a full list of training courses on offer from the Renewable Energy Institute, please click here. The REI’s educational materials are designed to teach participants how to succeed in the Renewable Energy industry.

The Internationally Recognised Certificate for the Renewable Energy Sector
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News from the Renewable Energy Institute EEC

BBC Studios welcome REI for talk on Electric Vehicles

REI at the BBC
The Renewable Energy Institute was this week invited to deliver an exclusive talk on Electric Vehicles at the BBC studios in Salford, Manchester. The talk was given as part of the BBC’s Blue Room Sustainability Season, a site-wide event intended to ensure that BBC employees are up-to-date and aware of the latest in sustainable living and technology. The REI is proud to promote knowledge sharing and best practice in relation to all Green Energy Technologies and works with Leading Experts and associations worldwide, including the United Nations UNEP, to distribute the latest research, information and training to individuals around the world.
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The George Washington University Partners with Renewable Energy Institute to Up-skill US Renewables Workforce

Course Participants GMC Exam
“The School of Engineering and Applied Science at The George Washington University is pleased to partner with the Renewable Energy Institute, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme, to provide state-of-the-art educational opportunities in the areas of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency,” comments David S. Dolling (Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, The George Washington University). This partnership will combine the experience of the GWU as a leading worldwide academic institution, with the vocational training expertise of the REI that has worked for 40 years with major universities, leading global authorities and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
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REI assists United Nations Environment Programme on energy efficiency training in Africa and Asia

Global Round Tables
Dr Marco Buoni, Honorary Director of the Renewable Energy Institute, has been asked by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to assist emerging economies as they launch educational standards based on European experience in the Energy Efficiency and Environmental sectors. Global Round Tables Dr Buoni has just met with officials from leading government agencies in Africa at a number of UNEP global Round Tables which have been organised in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Kigali (Rwanda). Such knowledge-sharing exercises have introduced international government agencies to the education and training systems which have previously been adopted in Europe…
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Major Renewable Energy Professional Membership Programme Launched

The Renewable Energy Institute has announced the launch of the new Global Membership Programme for professionals and students to gain recognition in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sector. The Programme rewards members who show a continuous commitment to professional development within the industry with the title of Mastership in Renewable Energy. The Programme responds to research calling for a better skilled workforce in order to meet the EU 2020 energy efficiency targets, undertaken by Build Up Skills UK, and it is operated by a global leader in Renewable Energy training, the Renewable Energy Institute. The Membership Programme aims to build…
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